In this weeks blog assignment, I drew a map of the route from my home to school. An issue I ran into immediately after starting this assignment was deciding where I should draw a map of. Once I started brainstorming locations, a few that I originally wanted to do were far too complex to do […]

Luggage Tags

In this week’s blog assignment I was trying to design a name tag design with my own initials in a creative way. I was striving to create patterns and color combinations that were eye catching and aesthetically pleasing, although some of them were not. I discovered The color combinations and the varieties of different aspects […]

Mind Map

In this assignment, I created a Mind Map to help me visualize my options for spring break vacation. I had a tough time in the beginning specifying words that would fit my categories. After listening to some music I found that it got slightly easier to think about the different places and the perks of […]

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